An early start…

So I’m working in a recording studio all day today, and my briefing with the client is at 7am – in London. Nice.
They very kindly offered me a hotel room in London last night, or a car to take me down to London this morning but no – Liz chooses to get up at 5am and cycle to the station in the dark, cold night, and then sit on a freezing or overheated train for an hour.
Smart kid.
I also have a cold sore the size of a house on my lip – thanks a) to my daughter who got one last week and b)to the fact that I have to kiss her 400 times an hour – and I’ve been up since 4am with my son, Charlie, who claimed to have a nose bleed, but I reckon just wanted to come into bed with us. It’s gonna be a long, long day!

Wish me luck – I have 13 live interviews alost back-to-back today, which means saying almost the same thing 13 times, WITHOUT ever saying ‘as I was just saying earlier’, because of course the kind people in the BBC Stoke area weren’t listening when you said it to the BBC South West people. When you’ve been sitting behind a mic for six hours, messing up like this is almost guaranteed.
Hope they have some good coffee!!!

Have a great day, whatever you’re up to, and I’ll let you know how it goes…


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