filming, sausage rolls and A REQUEST!!

liz fraser 10th December 2009

Yesterday I was in London all day filming a new parenting series for GMTV, which will air in January. I’ll let you know all about it in good time, so please fret not and carry on not checking the TV listings.

It’s called the Baby Breakfast Club and it’s all about babies. But not about breakfast. And it’s not really a club, but ‘club’ sounds friendly, and like you’re a part of something, so let’s be merry and pretend we’re all in this club together, and just roll with it.

The day itself was pretty easy, if LONG, and I learned a few things:
1. WAGS have very very very very very white teeth. I mean, whiter than white. Daz white. Snow white. Mine are practically grey next to such pearlies. And no, I’m not going to name names.
2. eating a sausage roll between takes is a BAD PLAN because you get bits of pastry stuck in your gums and nobody tells you ,so now there it is – big smiley pastry teeth in the can and ready to air on national telly.
3. playing with someone else’s babies is fun. They giggle and dribble and smile and wave….and then someone takes them away and you can go home on the train in peace. Can’t wait to be a granny. But it was lovely to see babies again, now that mine are so grown up.
4. I am not broody.
5. when you leave your clothes at a Grazia shoot the previous week, you’d think you’d remember to bring your clothes home from a GMTV shoot. But no. I didn’t learn. I left my skirt.
6. Telling your husband that you left your skirt in London ellicites strange looks and requires a damn good answer.

And that’s all folks, except for the REQUEST:

Pretty please could you start following findingimogenB on Twitter. She’s the main character in my next novel, and I’m doing a little experiment which should be a talking point in the coming months.
Thank you so much, and please spead the word far and wide and LOUD. Need to hit 1000 if poss in the coming months so tell everyone you know or pass in the street and bump into at the cold meat counter in Tescos. Or maybe just your mum.
You are marvellous people and I thank you all enormously.
This book is going to be a blast and this way you can say you were there from the very very beginning!! : -))

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