Five Live tonight…

OK, so am doing an interview on Radio Five Live this evening at….midnight.
So that’s nice.
The subject is pushy parenting, sparked by Kirsty Young’s remarks about them last week. If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, you’ll know exactly which side of the fence I sit on (hint, it’s not the one with extra Chinese lessons and six hours of private tutoring a day.)
It should be a lively debate – nothing gets parents more hot-under-the-collar than how they educate their kids – so if you’re up and about, or lying in bed and can’t sleep, or breastfeeding or working the night shift, tune in.

Until then, my Big Questions of the day are these:

1. am I going to finish my novel mauscript today and hand it in on time? Aaarrghgh.

2. if I DO manage to complete this mammoth task today, should I go to straight to the pub to celebrate or is that a V Bad Plan given the live interview at midnight situation…?

3. should I have a kip at my normal time and then wake up at 11.30pm, or go straight through and try not to fall asleep in the middle of the interview?

4. is it normal to have a hot water bottle in your office?

So, plenty to ponder while I re-write chapter two AGAIN.
Tune in later… : -)


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