what’s in your bag?

Big news: women’s handbags are getting lighter, it’s official. I KNOW!! Hold the front page.

I’m a tad curious about this non-news, because I want to know what ‘most women’ HAVE in their slightly less humungous handbags. I mean, is a significant proportion of  the average 3lb 5oz bag – equivalent to six packs of butter, and 57 per cent less than the average just two years ago – made up of plastic pirates, apple cores and empty Bic biros, like mine? Or packs of butter?

Ah, no. It seems to be something to do with a new generation of smaller, lighter multipurpose gadgets. To me this means Transformers and tissues that double as bicycle saddle wipers. To most other women, apparently, this means techno gadgets like iPhones and Blackberrys (how DO you spell blackberrys? Is it Blackberries? Discuss…) 

Anyway, the point is that we’re not lugging about laptops, mobile phones the size of bricks or chargers any more. Now all we need is an iphone, and off we go.

Really? Let’s just take a peek inside my handbag, shall we…

1 half-eaten Pret Love bar; eight tissues, three used; glasses case + glasses; notebook; six pens, three without ink; wallet; 2 Lego policemen; six Gogos; five hairbands; mini AtoZ (why? I’ve not needed one for 2 months); Nurofen; tampons; plasters; three AA batteries (??); hand cream; a Wispa bar; an apple (soft. must dispose of this); deodorant; oooh, another Wispa bar; 2 letters from school; 2 plastic spoons; Rescue Remedy; a Captain Underpants book; copy of Elle Deco; small bottle of water.

Not quite the high-tech contents of your average working woman then. Still, all is not lost. I read today that Victoria Beckham has recently been spotted with an £80,000 silver Himalayan Birkin, which is much smaller than some of the oh-so-last-year big bags she was hauling around before.

Oh good. Now, if I can just find a spare £80K hiding down the back of the sofa I’ll be able to buy myself a nice, small bag, and leave half of my junk at home.

: -)

4 thoughts on “what’s in your bag?

  1. Mel

    am ROFL as usual! Lets see… my bag contains: wallet, keys, phone, tissues, diary, notebook, 2 pens (one from when the diary went in, one from the notbook, of course!), packet of starburst and my youngest childs gloves. I do carry a bottle of water about with me, but its on the side cos I didn’t finish it yet. Impressed? I’m off to polish my halo now 😉

  2. Freddie

    2 pairs of gloves one pink one even more pink in the size suitable for 6 year old, dinsey princess elastoplast, 2 pens, sunglasses (I’m an optimist), glasses cleaning stuff, 5 tissues (2used), 1 mobile phone, purse, house key, my car keys and his car keys (How did he get to work?), hand cleaning stuff (don’t want to spread swine flu) hair brush, lipsil, tampon and mascara. Empty carton of raisins and empty Mentos Lakritz wrapper (note to self must go to Germany).

    I am surprised not to find any toys or hair clips. I am obviously downsizing 😉

  3. Justin

    Are men allowed to comment about what’s in their manbags? Most of the time, the stuff that I need for survival in the concrete jungle is in my pockets: phone, keys, wallet, maybe a pen. Everything else lives in the boot of the car or on my desk.

    Liz gets extra points for the Lego men, the gogos and the Captain Underpants book … but loses three points for the batteries: if they leak all over your handbag, you’ll just have to throw the gogos, Lego men and everything else (including handbag) away.

  4. Carolyn

    now, i have various bags on the go, depending on whether it’s an office-work day or a mummy-work day.

    office work day bag: purse, phone, handsfree-cable, work badge, pen, pencil, keys, mints and toy car – and lipstick

    Mummy-work day bag: nappies, wipes, tissues, car, aeroplane with parachutists, mints, biscuits, juice boxes, notebook, phone, handsfree kit, purse, hats and gloves in two sizes, pen

    i think that’s about it


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