Oh how I LOVE tax returns…

Oh man, I’m telling you, if you want to get really turned on this weekend then check out the HM Revenue and Customs online self-assessment tax return pages. Cripes, they’re HOT.


So far I’ve spent a rivetting 5 hours in my office, found 259 receipts for Lord only knows what, added up a bazillion things like heating bills, phone bills, hairdresser appointments (OK, not that one) and bits and bobs of intertest on bank accounts – including such staggeringly large numbers as £0.07 (great. Glad I’ve got that account then) – and after much box ticking, swearing and coffee drinking I’m now a whopping 43% of the way through my annual tax return.

At this rate I’ll get it done by midday tomorrow, and then keel over and die of Calculator Flu.

Am thinking that perhaps a bottle of wine would help…or, you know a bloody ACCOUNTANT!! Sigh. Next year I might get one. In fact, I might get two, just for extra fun. Then the two of them can spend a weekend of misery together trying to find the sodding piece of paper that proves I really DID buy a new laptop, entirely for work purposes, and I’m not making it up. Honest.

Good luck with yours. It’s soooooo much fun. (Oh, last thing: do remember to keep your User ID and password somewhere safe, won’t you? It’s always a really hilarious moment when you realise you’ve lost it AGAIN, and have to wait 3 weeks for them to post you another one, which will make your tax return 3 weeks overdue. haha! Those guys have such a great sense of humour.)

I’m off for a cold shower. All this talk of interest and dividends is too much for me  ; -)


2 thoughts on “Oh how I LOVE tax returns…

    1. lizfraser Post author

      ; -) the annoying thing is, it’s not taxing at all – it’s just putting numbers into boxes and they figure it all out for you. It’s very simple, but it’s B-O-R-I-N-G!! Anyway, it’s all my fault for being so totally disorganised. Must do better next year….


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