half term ‘holiday’…

Ohhhh, I’ve been bad bad bad and haven’t blogged for blimmin’ ages.

I blame half term.
Or, more precisely, I blame the fabulously entertaining and uplifting activity that is ‘Planning the Half Term Holiday.’

Planning family holidays is always my job, because as Mother of This Madhouse I come equipped not only with mammary glands and an ability to house a child in my abdomen, but also the apparently unique capability for sorting out the logistics of moving five people from Point A to Point B, where Point B is not a) a shit hole b) next to a paedophile ring or c) full of other people’s children. 

Cruelly, I’m not allowed to murder anyone who comes within six feet of me to ask for some Selotape or a glass of milk while I’m trying to perform this arduous task.

Oh, and then there’s thinking of, washing and packing every item of clothing, medical equipment and toy/game that could possibly be needed by an average family in a 9-day period. And figuring out exactly WHEN one of the party (the Man, who has the unique ability to be on a different Continent half of the time, and especially when he’s needed here) is going to be less than 3000 miles away, and awake.

Thus it is that I’ve spent the best part of a week refreshing the pages of the Easyjet, Rail Europe and various Very Cheap Accommodation web pages at 5-minute intervals, changed every date, time and other variable imaginable, and STILL not managed to find a method of transport or place to stay that doesn’t mean remortgaging the house or getting up at 2am.

I’ll get there.

The rest of the week has been taken up with another GMTV moment:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6usANbEeFs

and another piece for FeMail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1248317/When-did-giving-birth-competition.html

Right, that’s enough blethering. There’s a self-catering apartment to be booked. Some time this year would be nice, Liz….
Don’tcha just LOVE family holidays??!        ; -))

3 thoughts on “half term ‘holiday’…

  1. lizfraser Post author

    Thank you. So far we’ve cancelled it twice. Now we’re thinking of driving instead, which means 1800 miles in a week. Hmmmm…could be very restful indeed!

  2. Josephine Tale Peddler

    Dear Liz, I am so pleased to see you blogging again! How on earth can you manage a daily blog however? I shall have to find time to sit down and read through some of the posts I missed. At least you are getting a holiday. Due to our recent renovations and geriatric dog (who can’t be left with anyone) we had to all stay home! That was fun. xx


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