half term catch-up…

Dear, dear lovely people who frequent this blog. This is an apology, of sorts, for being so utterly crap as not to post a new blog for such a long time that I’m sure the old ones have rotted, gone all crusty and dropped off. Nice.

Feeble excuses include half term, two ill children (why do they get ill during the holiday, when you’re in one of the most beautful places on Earth?? Poor things. All better now, just in time for school – ahhhh), a mountain of work catch-up now that I’m home and several articles for various publications to write. Oh, and having to sort out my speeding fine situation, which I feel rather ashamed about, but I blame the new car which makes doing 50 feel like about 15. Ooops. Still, I’ve learned my lesson there!

Thus ends the apology, but I’ll leave you with this little nugget from my 10-year-old daughter, who I think is about as sharp as they come:

“Parents are such hypocrites. Especially Mummies.”


More, and better postings anon – promise! x


One thought on “half term catch-up…

  1. CambridgeMummy

    My three year old told me last night “unfortunately for you Mummy, I have actually finished my dinner”. I was rendered speechless and proud at the same time, as that was a very good sentence for him 😉


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