Not burning my bra.

Carla Bruni has done it again. With two International Heads of State present – her husband, Nicolas Szarkozy and the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev – all talk was about Carla, and what she was wearing.
Or, in this case, possibly not wearing.
Because under a Roland Mouret dress so tight the wearer would be excused for feeling as though she’s wrapped in clingfilm, it’s very tricky to conceal any underwear.

The ‘was she/ wasn’t she’ question isn’t one that will last more than a passing moment – frankly, few of us care, and if you must know I think she was. And anyway she looked so jaw-droppingly elegant I don’t care what she had under there. Style like that has little to do with underwear.
No, what’s worth a little more time to consider, is should women ever go bra-less?

Germaine Greer famously wrote in The Female Eunuch that ‘Bras are a ludicrous invention,’ and ‘perpetuate the fantasy of pneumatic boobs,’ but I would beg to differ. And it’s not just because my boobs won’t look pneumatic nomatter what underwear I hoik them into.

For a start, well-fitted bras offer comfort and support to a once naturally pert part of the body that, after the age of twenty five or so, wants to get as close to the ground as possible. Sigh…Without a bra, most normal women have almost no shape up there at all, and, after much searching, will find their breasts somewhere near their midriff. Bras make a woman’s shape more beautiful – and no, we’re not doing it to please men. It’s makes US feel good, and clothes look better.

Anyone who has breastfed three children and then tried to walk bra-less to the shops for a pint of milk knows what I mean.  And Wonderbra wouldn’t have done quite so well if Eva Herzegova had said “Hang on Boys, I Know They’re Here Somewhere…”

All of this is to say nothing of the fact that breasts are sexual organs, and let’s just say that if I walked about without a bra I’d never get any work done.

But fear not – bras as here to stay: according to one report, the average woman in western Europe buys two bras per year, and by 2016, the world market will be 1.64bn bras. That’s a lot of lift.

TV shows such as “How to look good naked,” have put the underwear industry into the retail spotlight, and this Christmas Selfridges reported that stocks of Bordelle’s £900 feather girdle sold out in 24 hours at its Oxford Street store. We’re not going bra-less just yet.

Last word goes to Ms Greer: ‘if you make bralessness a rule, you’re just subjecting yourself to yet another repression.”

Fine. But mine’s staying on.


9 thoughts on “Not burning my bra.

  1. Carla Bruni


    Would you like Carla’s dummies?

    probably you do not have more interesting subjects,but it is better to use more irony!

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Hello Carla Bruni (??! methinks not.) Thanks for dropping by. As I hinted, not a deeply intellectual or fascinating subject, and she is always impeccably classy and elegant, so it’s a big thumbs up to her. It’s an unsually flippant piece, and many have enjoyed it. More irony to come…All best.

  2. Chrissie Taylor

    Hi Liz! Hope you are well! Just towards the end of Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide, which is getting me through my second pregnancy at the moment 🙂 Just wondered whether you had a Facebook Page, or fan page? Just bought Yummy Mummy’s Family Handbook online 🙂 Can’t wait for my next read 🙂 !! x

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Hi Chrissie. Well, how lovely to get your message. I’m really glad you’re enjoying book 1, and have book 2 all ready to go as well. That’s great! I love it when people ‘get’ my books, and when they help people. That’s basically the whole point of them. I don’t have a public FB page, though I guess I ought to. Maybe you’ve spurred me on to start one! If I do I’ll let you know. All best with baby number two – what a hot time of year to be pregnant. I feel for you! Liz : -)

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Hi Nicole. Oh I know, I know, I’ve been TERRIBLE recently at writing anything on here. I’ve thought about putting a post about this unusual absence on my homepage, but it always seems a bit self-indulgent. But since you ask….Basically I’ve been hit by a very deep, unruly depression, brought on partly by the sudden and unexpected death of my Grandmother (the one I wrote Spoonful of Sugar with, and who was like a mother to me towards the end). This black patch has really hit me hard, and has prevented me from writing, or believing in my writing, or having the energy to write, see people, do anything really.
      But…the good news (there is always good news somewhere!) is that it feels as though it’s lifting a little now, and the dark episode has sparked a beautiful idea for a novel, which I’m just starting to put onto paper now, after 2 months of reading and researching the ideas, and forming the characters and story. I guess it’s a love story. Tragic, beautiful…like most love stories. I hope you’ll love it. But first I have to write the darned thing, while school and kids’ parties and FOOTBALL (!) gets in the way. It’ll happen. I have so many readers who believe in me, and who want to read what I write, and hearing from people like you really keeps me going. Thank you. Oh, and my books might be published in Germany soon – that would be GREAT!
      take care, and sorry to have been so absent. Maybe I’ll write a short blog after my Race for Life tomorrow, to get me back into the swing of it…
      take care,

  3. nicole

    Oh! I am sorry!
    Tragic and beatiful love stories! I hope that you can discover all this around yourself, close to you. I know the pains of a big love and its magical and destructive power!
    Good luck!


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