Planes, Munich and Tom Cruise

Just a very quick one, for those who care, to say that  I JUST FLEW TO GERMANY AND BACK!!! And boy are my arms tired. Boom boom.
No, OK so a plane flew me to Germany and back. Me! On a plane! At 38,000ft! For 1.5 hours! You may all kiss my feet and whoop and throw your hats into the air, but not so much as to cause any damage to overhead chandeliers or powerlines.

Yes folks, I got me on a jet plane and I sat there with my seat back upright and my tray table folded away like a good girl, all the way to Munich. And then, 24 hours later, I went all the way back. And I didn’t freak out. No, not even a little bit. And all this despite watching Up In The Air on my laptop during the flight, a film all about…flying. (Weird choice, but there you go. Nobody said I was sensible. But hell, if I’m going to have a seizure I want George there with me all the way, doing that thing he does….like being all gorgeous and everything. You know….)

I can’t say that I enjoyed the flight, truth be told. It was more that I endured it, without having a panic attack, a seizure or trying to break into the cockpit and beg the pilot to pleeeeaase put this machine back on the ground where it bloody well belongs!!

Munich itself was as it always is: so beautiful it makes your soul spin, and your lungs lighter and your face break into a smile without quite meaning it to. And then confused Bavarian people stare at you because your soul is spinning and your chest has expanded and you’re smiling when really they’re just asking if you want a cup of Kaffee und ein Stück Kuchen. But God, it’s a gorgeous place. Leaving was harder than getting back on the plane.

(Oh, and I must give the Bayerischer Hof another quick thumbs up and a plug, as it is simply breathtakingly fantastic, and 24 hours felt like a week. Oh, and another oh: Tom Cruise was staying there, as was Cameron Diaz. That’s my celeb spot for you. And no, I didn’t see them.)

The very good news is that while I was in Munich I had my long-awaited meeting with a super duper publishing company there and…let’s just say that after an hour and a half of solid German-speaking (Mensch!) I came away feeling it had gone very well, and things are looking UP : -)  Toll, nicht?!

As Arnie said, I’ll be back….on a jet plane. Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Planes, Munich and Tom Cruise

  1. Natasha Rooney

    Well done Liz. I am very impressed indeed. There’ll be no stopping you now. You have also reminded me that Munich is a city that I have always wanted to visit. I wonder how many other personal dreams and ambitions I have completely forgotten about since having kids.

  2. lizfraser Post author

    Ah, Natasha you are very sweet. Yes, it does feel like quite a mountain I climbed there, and I’m SO glad I did it. Munich is…well, it’s just magic. Voted best city in the world to live in recently, according to someone I spoke to the other day, and I can really see why. It’s all right there on your doorstep. Amazing. Go!
    Having kids can really shrink our horizons, and we just have to keep reaching forward and living as much as we can, being brave and pushing ourselves beyond that cosy comfort zone. Once the ‘I am a mum and being a mum is all I do’ sets in it’s SO hard to break, as I discovered!
    All best to you : -)

  3. Natasha Rooney

    Hey Liz, hope all is well as you have gone sort of quite again. I imagine that you have been pretty busy with the school holidays and the new book. Just wanted you to know that you are missed.


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