Ein kleines (kleiner? eine kleine? Who knows…) update:

Manic update because it’s overdue:

1. I’m doing a newspaper review for BBC London with Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross tomorrow morning (14th Sept) at 7.45 am.

2. This means catching a 5.15 train.

3. This means cycling to the station at 4.45 am.  In the dark.

4. This means getting up at 4am. In the very dark.

5. Shit.

On the plus side I’M PITCHING MY NEW NON-FICTION BOOK IDEA TO MY AGENT THIS WEEK! Yee hah. (I’m never sure how you spell yee hah. Yeeha? Yeehaw? Do we care?) Holy moly I hope he likes it as much as I do. If he doesn’t, he’s clearly wrong, and mad, and blind. It’s a corker and you’ll love it. If they publish it….

Gotta go. Always best to turn up to work having had a minimum of 6 hours sleep I find. That way I look less like an extra from the Adams family, and my brain has a chance of working. Thanks for all lovely messages that have come in over the summer ‘holidays’, incidentally. Lovely that you keep in touch – you keep me writing because I write for YOU! : -)

2 thoughts on “Ein kleines (kleiner? eine kleine? Who knows…) update:

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Thanks! Yes, a new book is well overdue, but in this climate (the climate that says nobody is buying books!) it’s blimmin’ hard to get a good publisher to part with cash for a decent idea. Unless you’re a WAG or a disgraced politician, obviously…
      I’m pretty psyched about this one though, and just HOPE they see the potential. Aaargh….tension! Hope you’re writing too and enjoying it : -)


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