Good news…and a question for you.

Well, I’ve done it, folks. I’ve sent the proposal for my next non-fiction book to my agent. Yip yip yipee 🙂 🙂

Yes, yes….I KNOW I was supposed to be writing my novel, and I have been. Lots. I promise. But sometimes novels need time to breathe, and marinate and just sit for a while. If indeed one can do all of those things at once…

During those times, non-fiction and journalism take over, and instead of plot and character development it’s all facts and articles. Luckily, I love both. Unluckily I can’t do fiction and non-fic at the same time. That way madness lies.

I’m pretty psyched about this non-fic project, so I just really hope Monsieur Agent sees the potential that I do. I’ll keep you posted…

In the meeeeeaaan time, I have a question for you: I’m writing an article called (for now) “Why do women pretend to be stupid” and wondered if you have any experience of this, or thoughts on why it happens. You know, the old  ‘Oh, I can’t do maths….go ask your dad – he’s cleverer than me’ type of thing. Or, ‘Oh, I’m not very good at X,Y,Z….hee hee hee, silly me’ when really they’re jolly good at it, they just think it’s cute/interesting/expected that they’re not.

Men almost NEVER do this. They tell you straight out, and with absolute confidence, that they can do something, even when they’ve no idea what they’re doing; women more often tell you they can’t do something when they flipping well can. WHY?!
Are we so lacking in confidence? Are we scared of intimidating men? Does it affect our career progression, and are women who act more like men and say ‘yes, I can do that easily’ more likely to shimmy up the ladder? Is it endearing? Or is it as annoying as I think it is? Is it getting worse, or petering out? Is it a stereotype thing from….the Dark Ages? Are we passing it on to our daughters?

Just some thoughts. Let me know yours…you can reply here, or send to

Cheers! liz.


2 thoughts on “Good news…and a question for you.

  1. Mel

    I “pretend” not to know stuff.. but usually it either to get my kids thinking, or to get them to ask their Dad at least some of stuff I have to answer on a daily basis!! That said, the kids at least know I DO know.. in fact when I really don’t know, they don’t believe me!
    I’m not a person who can carry off the “I don’t know, silly me” bit, so I don’t try.. and in the past it has annoyed me.. especially when the girl/woman also says they are “a bit blonde” in the same sentance… now that one really winds me up!!

  2. carolyn

    Well done on submitting your latest proposal … seems like you’ve had a good year!

    My first experience in the ‘I don’t know…’ area was teaching in France.. it was the standard response from every student. Perhaps it’s spreading?
    In my work life there aren’t that many women around. Usually when the question is asked, it’s a not-so-fantastic piece of work in the first place. Female colleagues who are direct don’t seem to get further faster… they get lots of junk to work through.

    I too have been known to say to the boys “I don’t know… ask Yabba”, (mostly when I’ve just fielded answers to twenty questions and am trying to clean/tidy/balance the books etc.) but NOT with the ‘he’s cleverer than me’ bit on the end… In an era when questions come thick-and-fast and we’re all more than capable of helping the children I imagine it’s a deflection to keep the balance of parenting/work-home on an even keel.


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