Cutting a ribbon…

Today I opened the Cambridgeshire Baby and Toddler Show, which largely involved saying a few words about all the great exhibitors and people behind the scenes, and then managing to elegantly cut through a piece of purple ribbon without messing it up.

I think both went pretty well, mainly because a) the sun was shining so I was in a super happy mood b) lots of lovely mums and dads turned up with their bumps and babies and toddlers, and c) the scissors were sharp.
Everyone was very kind, and clapped and looked interested…probably because I was waving a sharp implement about and looking as though I might do some damage with it if people didn’t clap and look interested, thus:

I mean, would YOU argue with that?!

I met some amazing and dedicated midwives, checked out a birthing pool or two, had a shoulder massage c/o the delightful Clarins ladies who told me I am a bag of knots (I CANNOT resist a massage, and it sounds like I need a few more…), learned about some super products on the market these days for pregnant women (why didn’t they have nice maternity bras like that when I was a new mum, eh?!) and had a good chat with the founder of DaddyNatal, a simply ingenius idea where he gives ante-natal ‘classes’ to dads…..down the pub. Love it.

Tomorrow a film crew arrives in my house and we start filming my new TV series about parenting, for Daybreak. Gonna be an exciting week!


8 thoughts on “Cutting a ribbon…

  1. carolyn

    a perfect day to open a show of any kind, I would imagine 🙂

    on the massage front… is that a female weakness?? I too love massages and would happily go VERY frequently. Perhaps it’s a good marketing ploy to sell stuff with??

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Yup, I’d buy anything if it came with a free massage ; -) Massage is SOOOOOOOO good for the body, mind, soul, skin…everything. Love it.

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Pleasure for me too – I’ve already mentioned it to the team at Lorraine, and I’ll let you know what they think. It’s such a good idea, and I wish you ALL the luck with it!

  2. Josephine Tale Peddler

    Dear Liz, you look lovely with your scissors. Don’t get me started on maternity bras. For busty girls like myself it was impossible. Even Elle’s are still tiny. Good luck with your TV filming. Hopefully that show will one day make it to Australia. xx

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Oh, I hope the show does make it to Oz! But in case it doesn’t I’ll post the links to the Daybreak website once the shows have gone to air, so you can see them Down Under…X

  3. Natasha Rooney

    Sounds like a great day. I have never been too interested in the idea of massage but after reading your book I decided that pampering was something that was most certainly missing from my life. So I tried out a facial and now have a seriously expensive Clarins addition. (Thanks for that!) Very excited to hear about your TV series. Please keep us posted.

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Ooops, sorry about the Clarins addiction! I have one too, though if you can save up and treat yourself once a year or so, a Jo Malone luxury facial is the best I’ve ever had….totally transforms me. Will post links to the Daybreak programmes as they happen – really hope it goes well!


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