A week of filming…

Last week was fun. Proper, big, capital letters, FUN!!
So just for a change…..3 photos in 1 blog. I know, I’m too kind.

First up, I spent 3 long, busy days with a film crew taking over my house (which I spent the entire weekend cleaning like MAD – see………………………….???!!)

No family kitchen should EVER be this tidy...

….making 9 programmes for a parenting series I’m presenting for Daybreak (formerly GMTV – where have you beeeen?)
The series will hit your TV screen next week, starting on Monday. Cool, non? 

Everything went super smoothly, the sun shone, 8 gallons of coffee were drunk, the crew were brilliant, I didn’t fluff too many lines and we didn’t run out of toilet paper. That’s 10/10 as far as I’m concerned.

Lights, camera....action!

The last day – filming in the Daz-white, hangover-unfriendly studio, above – went so well that we finished 2 hours early and so took ourselves off for a well-deserved pub lunch in Battersea. The rest of the day was spent at an ITV bash, meeting some of the UK’s best acting, presenting, comedy and sporting talent. And Rory McGrath. (Whom I love dearly, so he won’t mind that.)

Must also confess to going slightly weak at the knees talking to Hugh Bonneville…OK, let me rephrase that: must confess to going completely and uncontrollably weak at the knees, and brain, and jaw (but thankfully not bladder) while attempting to talk to Hugh Bonneville. Seriously, his voice alone should come with a public health warning. Phew. Was totally unprepared for that.

End of day 2...apparently with scratchy head.

And so now the tension begins as I sit back, wait for the editor to work her magic, and hope the series goes really well.
The bits you need to know are:
Daybreak, ITV1, 18th – 22nd Oct, at approx 7.15am and 8.15 am!!

See you there 🙂


One thought on “A week of filming…

  1. Josephine Tale Peddler

    Thanks for sharing, Liz. My idea of a nightmare would be a filmcrew coming to my kitchen to film. I love your expression in the last photograph. It looks as if you’re still thinking of Hugh.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx


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