Race for Life Cambridge 10km…

First up, hope you’ve been watching my parenting series on Daybreak! It’s on every morning at about 7.15 and 8.15, give or take a few minutes. The cheese – factor is pretty high, but the message is good. Just wish I could share some the off-camera moments with you, when all of the fun stuff happened. Sadly, I can’t because they’d quite rightly smack my bottom.
All the links are on my homepage, www.liz-fraser.com

Now then, those of you who’ve been following this blog for a while know I’m a runner. I run most days, and I love, love LOVE it. Some people think I’m weird….and they’re right. But seriously, running is the cheapest, easiest, most time-efficient form of exercise because all you need is a pair of trainers and off you go! Fresh air, time to think, and a fit body – perfect.

A few times a year I enter races because it’s great to have a goal to work towards, and this sure gets me out of the house when I’d rather be sitting on my arse pretending to write. I always run the Tesco Race for Life, as millions of other women also do every year. Usually this is a 5km event, and I ran that back in July, but this year they’ve thrown a 10km one in as well, just to really bugger up my knees. Cheers.
Some 3000 people turned up last Sunday morning in the bright, Autumn sunshine and gave it their all, raising lots of money for Cancer Research UK, getting fit and running about the gorgeous streets and colleges of Cambridge.
It felt more like a sight-seeing trip than a race and the streets were lined with tourists clapping and wondering what the heck was going on.

Here’s me, running along merrily. I was in 2nd place at this stage (of the ladies – we don’t count the men…), and I’d just spotted my family cheering me on, hence the bizarre grinning…

At the 5.5km mark. Happy!


Just past 8kms...and yes, that bloke did overtake me...

If you’ve always thought about running more – or even running at ALL – then find out about the next fun run near you, and have a go. The atmosphere is always incredibly positive, and people do everything from fast running to jogging to walking, so there’s nothing to be scared of. And the best bit? If you’re quick you get your legs seen to by a gorgeous masseur. Worth all the sweat, surely??

Massage, after my best time this year: 38 mins 58 secs. Whoohoo 🙂

4 thoughts on “Race for Life Cambridge 10km…

  1. carolyn

    well done you 🙂

    was feeling proud of myself for doing an extra 15 minutes jog on the runningmachines at the gym. Maybe next year I can run with Alex when he does his 1km 🙂

  2. Natasha Rooney

    Yes indeed, well done you for both your run and the TV series. I have been trying to go out running more often and it makes such a huge difference to my mental state. The world seems a much more manageable place once the children are snug in their beds and I have been out for a run. I have been enjoying the tv series although I now have serious house envy. Like the poster above, I would hate to have a tv crew in my house. I would die of shame.

  3. lizfraser Post author

    The biggest challenge is to keep running throughout the Winter months, when it’s dark and cold and HORRIBLE! But if you can keep it up it realy helps to beat the Winter blues, and it means when the Spring comes, you’re fit already. Result. As for house envy, here’s how it works: all the mess, clutter etc is piled up behind the camera!! That way it LOOKS fabulous, but as soon as the crew left…..we were back to square one! And it also looks much bigger on camera – I didn’t recognise the place. Thanks for watching. 5 more to go…

  4. Josephine Tale Peddler

    You look like an Amazon there. I should run as I”m getting like a plum pudding with sitting on my backside on a computer all the time. I do have bad memories of growing up with my father organising our family to run every day. Running around our little town in our tracksuits as a family. Very uncool for a teenage girl as you can imagine. xx


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