Auf geht’s…

Argh, busy, busy, busy!!

I’m re-writing my 1st book (Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide, bien sur) for the GERMAN edition – whoopeedoopeedoo.

’tis very strange indeed to re-read what I wrote 6 years ago. Some of it is, frankly, AWFUL! But oh what fun, what fun to get the scissors out and choppity chop the crap bits out and give it a new lease of (well-written) life. I’m also surprised by how much I’VE changed in that time. Much less shouty, more inclusive, more…well just older, let’s face it. But that’s a good thing. With age comes generosity, and thoughtfulness…..and wrinkles and incontinence. Ah well, 2 out of 4’s not bad.

Every reference to Yummy Mummy is also hitting the cutting-room floor, which is a STUPENDOUS RELIEF. If only, if only I could do the same for the English edition, but there it is. Stuck with it for life. And hey, it served me very well, so I can’t be too cross with it. But… times they have a-changed, and yummy mummy is OUT.

Now the work starts on finding the killer title for the German edition. It’s forehead-bangingly hard to come up with something equally snappy, but we’re workin’ on it.

Meanwhile gearing up for MEGA meeting at ITV later in the week, and writing two TV series pitches for that. Oooof. But oooh la la, so exciting.

Meanwhile also living in a house with no shower, as of the last 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS???!! I tell you, we’re gettin’ pretty stinky around here. But hey presto, the new part arrived today, and there’s a small chance we might get a wash this side of Xmas.

I shall let you know how le grand meeting avec le grand fromage goes. Fingers all crossed now, bitte. Danke!


2 thoughts on “Auf geht’s…

  1. Natasha Rooney

    I hope that you won’t be too hard on the book, or yourself. It is a great book. I always cringe when I read something I wrote a while ago too.

  2. lizfraser Post author

    Oh, you’re kind 🙂 It is indeed very, very hard to read stuff you wrote long ago, and not sit there banging your head on the table going “aaarghghggh!! This is AWFUL!!” But hey, the good news it shows we’re IMPROVING, which is the way it should be. Just wish it were as easy to re-print books as it is to re-publish blogs. Perhaps we’re all getting too addicted to the immediacy of that, and the control. Hopefully one day all books will be printed as they’re purchased, so that means you could buy the very latest edition, edited as recently as a few minutes ago -how COOL would that be??!


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