TV tomorrow…

I’ve been called in to Daybrak tomorrow morning. Hurray! Or, it would be hurray…if I weren’t throwing up. Yes, having nursed my daughter through her two days of vomitty hell, and then nursed her sister through another two days of vomitty hell, it’s now my turn to have the sickness…and I have to go work on it, at 4am.

Where’s my Florence Nightingale, eh??

Oh, such is the lot of mothers, and I’ll just get on with it. (The working, not the throwing up, you understand.) I just hope I don’t barf all over the new Daybreak sofa. Mind you, that might pull in the viewers…..if for all the wrong reasons.

So, off to bed I go, via the toilet bowl. Yuk. Tune in if you’re awake and fancy watching someone sit on a beautiful sofa  while trying valliantly not to be reunited with her breakfast.
Oh, the discussion is all about bullying, incidentally, and whether having sibings means you suffer more, or less. I’m guessing there will be a lot of opinions on that one…

All I can hear from upstairs is “Aaarrghg, I HATE you” so I’m guessing the sibling rivalry is alive and well in this house…bless the little darlings.

‘night all. See you at 6.40 tomorrow morning…


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