Frosted buns…

It is said (by some people who say things like this) that a picture paints a thousand words. Clearly they’ve never seen my art work.  The best picture I ever did painted one word: crap.

Anyway, let’s assume it’s true and say ‘hurrah for that’, because I’ve already written 3000 words of my new book today, and quite frankly I’m all worded out. So, for today, and because I’ve been so bum-smackingly naughty as not to write a new post for, erm, a week (sorry folks *flicks own ear*) I have a photo instead of lots of words. I’m too kind.

I believe there are sensible people out there who would take a bus or a taxi or get a lift home from the train station if there was a blinding, freezing blizzard going on. But not me. I like to cycle. Of course. And this is why I got home yesterday looking like a frosted bun:

After 2 miles in a blizzard ,on a bike. Nice.

Keep warm, stay at home, light a fire and don’t go out cycling in blizzards, folks. You can leave that to mad people like me. 🙂


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