Granny, I miss you…


Two years ago I wrote a book called A Spoonful of Sugar, with my Granny.

Here’s a link to me waffling about on YouTube about it: 
(I didn’t choose the book’s title, which I hate and which bears no resemblance to the contents, or the cover, which I hate even more. Just….y’know. So we’re clear there.)

Granny died very suddenly, a year ago tonight. She had cancer. She never once complained. Not EVER.
Nobody knew she was that ill.

It was all so sudden there was no ‘Goodbye’.
No ‘I love you’.
No ‘thank you’.
There was only an “Auch, wheesht! I’ll speak to you in a few days, Elizabeth.”

But she never did.

Granny was bright, chatty, engaged and engaging to the very, very end. She was, throughout her life, a remarkable, intelligent, strong woman.

I still miss her every day, and have her garbled predictive-text messages in my phone. The last one she ever sent me reads:
“Tlanks for photos tlvly ate super Masses of snow here stlll but loday sllght lhow. 1.2e  Instead of inus flgures. Skllng Is brlllant I am told. I stay by fire XX 1”

I feel very lucky to have got the chance to know her so well, and for my children to have done the same.

So if your children still have Great Grandparents, I’d urge you to try and let them get to know each other as much as they can, before they too leave us.

I’m off for a good old cry now, but I hope you enjoyed the clip and will got forthwith to buy the book (Amazon sells it, bien sur. Oooh, I’m cheeky.)
I’ll be back tomorrow on top, jolly form again.



2 thoughts on “Granny, I miss you…

  1. Hannah Bragg

    Dear Liz,
    Very sorry to hear about the passing of your grannie, very sad news.

    I thought you may wish to know that i really enjoyed reading about your grannie in a spoonful of sugar and enjoyed the book so much recommended it to a friend who runs my local playgroup. She also enjoyed it and like me thought it had real relivance to young mothers today. A few copies were brought for the group to pass around and read and i can report that it has been a real hit. Many of the mums have reported that it ‘took the pressure off being too perfect’ and underlined the importance of spending as much time with your children when they are little. In short it made us feel good about the way in which we are raising our little ones in a world in which there are so many external pressures and conflicting advice.

    Thank you, Liz and thank you grannie, Hannah

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Hi Hannah.

      I’m SO sorry it’s taken me this long to reply. I think I found it too hard to at the time, and then it got lost in piles of other replies!

      Thanks for your lovely, supportive, encouraging words. I’m so happy when I hear from readers who have been touched by granny’s words, and to know that they’ll live on forever.
      And to think that it’s actually HELPED people is always the biggest source of happiness for me – that’s why I write: to help people!

      Thanks again, to you and all the other mums you menion who’ve read it and enjoyed it.
      Life goes on…we have to do the best we can, and just accept that we’ll mess a whole lot of it up, whatever er do.
      Gotta just keep trying, and smiling 🙂


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