Doctor, doctor…

Ohhhh medication's what you need....

Bit of a gap on the blogging front, dear people, due to the following:

After a week that would best be described by Lola as ‘Extremely Very Bloody Stressful, Charlie’, my ever-helpful immune system decided it was knackered too, and went off on a two-day holiday to Sicily with three half-naked young men and some massage oil.

Meanwhile the body it left behind had to stay here dealing with three children, an absent husband, a dishwasher that stubbornly refuses to empty itself and newspaper deadlines changing as fast as my moods, and fighting the invading bacteria and viruses on my own.

Cheers, mate.

Thus it was that I woke up the following morning with tonsils the size of a Volkswagen Beatle. A red one. With engine trouble. And a broken exhaust pipe.

I had Very Important Meetings to go to in London, so I downed the Lemsip, and headed off. By the time I headed back home, meetings all done and a TV appearance on Channel 5’s The Vanessa Show in the can, the Volkwagen Beetle had turned into a car transporter, and I could hardly swallow or speak at all.

I went to my doctor, who first said ‘UGH, is that a car transporter in your throat??’ and then ‘Here, you need some antibiotics.’

So I took them.

24 hours later I started itching. I also had a rash. And numbness around my mouth and on my legs. And I couldn’t see properly. And I felt very dizzy.
All in all I felt not entirely well.

I called the doctor, who said I should definitely come in. Now.

So, the surgery being only 1 mile down the road and me being me, I popped my coat on and cycled there. It was a somewhat swervy ride, what with me being a tad off my rocker at this point, but I got there OK.

After a half-hour wait (not bad at ALL!) inhaling every bacterium known to Man, Woman and Snot-Nosed Child, I was seen by the on-call doctor…and told to stop taking the meds IMMEDIATELY.

“I don’t want to scare you,” she said, with a terrified look in her eye, “but the last patient who came here with exactly your symptoms ended up in A&E having CPR. You could go into anaphylaxis at any moment. How do you feel?”

Ummm, as if I’m about to shit my pants now, doctor, thank you for asking. How do YOU feel?
She also recommended I take Piriton to ease the allergic reaction.
When I got home I found an old bottle in the cupboard…..but it was 2 years out of date, so I decided to stick with the itching.

So the bad news is that, as well as being allergic to Penicillin, I am now also allergic to the whole O’Mycin family: erythromycin, clarythromycin, and Great Uncle George O’Mycin. This is a real pain in the buttocks, because being allergic to the two main anti-biotic families means my options are pretty limited now, if I get a nasty bacterial infection.

But the good news is that, after a somewhat anxious evening waiting for the drugs to work their way out of my system, and monitoring the itchiness of my skin and the numbness around my mouth every two minutes in case it had Got Worse, I seem to have escaped Scott free.

I’ve still been feeling like ten kinds of poo for the last two weeks, but I’m definitely on the mend now, at last, and normal blogging service shall now resume.

But the message, dear people, is this:

If you are working too hard, you will eventually get ill. This is silly, so try not to do it.
If you are ill, don’t go for a run. This is also silly, but I’ll probably still do it.
If you take medication and you start to itch/swell/feelgiddy call the doctor. Immediately. This is important, because if you don’t you could die, which is Very Bad.
If you have medicines in your bathroom, make sure they are not 2 years out of date.

Tomorrow I shall blog about today (if you see what I mean) which has been treeeeemendous so far: great interview on This Morning – I shall post a link, bien sur – exciting meeting with Mumsnet, fun meeting with some gorgeous PR girls would want me to do PR stuff for them, and a great lunch with an Old Old Old friend where we talked about shagging in lifts and suchlike. And now all I have to do is two more meetings, and then get drunk. Ohhhhh, it’s good to be better at last!

Until tomorrow…..:-)


6 thoughts on “Doctor, doctor…

  1. Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    Wowie Zowie…you don’t do things by halves do you? Yes, you really should listen to your overworked body! And great appearances on The Vanessa Show (is she that loud in real life…tell her to tone it down a bit!) and on This Morning! 😉


    1. lizfraser Post author

      Thanks! Yes, I do tend to live life rather, erm… the Lemsip Max ; -)
      Vanessa is a force of nature, and very good fun to talk with. A clever lady….and yes, LOUD! But so am I at times, so we get on ; -)

  2. DaddyNatal

    Sounds like you have definitely been through the mill, glad to hear you are on the mend.

    Work life balance is always such a hard balance to strike especially when working for yourself!

    Time for a recharge by the sounds of it, we all need to take time out occasionally.

    Looking forward to next blog, being at work in day I always have to play catch up on you appearances but always worth waiting for

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Hey, thanks 🙂 Yes, life is ridiculously hectic for us ALL these days, and sometimes it gets the better of us.

      A recharge would be good. Sadly it’s the Easter ‘holidays’ (haha) coming up. Cue total melt-down, with 3 kids!

      I’ll tweet a link to the This Morning piece – was an interesting one!

  3. nettiewriter

    Oh, big sympathies for the allergic reaction. I am constantly allergic to most of the fun things in life – tomato juice, cats, aspirin, (you know…fun). Most days I compare my skin to the official Hypochondriac’s Chart of Hives: are they on knees only, knees and torso, scalp, palms of hands). I resemble a healthy plague victim, covered in non-pus filled buboes. Very attractive.
    The aspirin thing is a killer tho – I can’t take it, iboprofen or any anti-inflammatories and believe me, that is a real pain in the back, knee, elbow… Your reaction sounds a lot more fun that hives and a bit of wheezing. I’d need to take at least 2 glasses of wine for numbness and being dizzy.
    Seriously, watch out there isn’t anything else related to that family of antibiotics to which you’re also allergic. You’d be amazed at the variety of things sharing an ingredient. And take care of you.

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Wow, sounds like you have it MUCH worse than me! Poor, poor you.

      I’m not allergic to anything food-wise, and I don’t have asthma or excema or anything like that, and neither does anyone in my family. We are a very stubborn, un-allergic family in general, touch wood! So suddenly to find I’m alleargic to something is pretty weird to me.

      Great tip to look ouy for other things that might be related – thank you. And I think 2 glasses of wine is a much better way to get numb and dizzy, yes! ; -)


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