Mummy, look what I made…

Some of my blogs are quite long.
This one isn’t, because the picture is quite enough without any extra words.

And so here, dear people, is what my son brought through to me this morning at 7am, after some quality Lego Time.

If you manage to look at it without laughing yourself into an incontiment heap on the floor, then you and I have a very different sense of humour and should probably part company amicably, right here.

For the rest of you….*shakes your hand*…it’s lovely to meet you. We’re going to get on just FINE.

And so I present, Lego Penis Man:

'Is that LEGO in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?'

I particularly like the way Lego Penis Man has his trousers partly dropped. And a massive grin on his face.
Later on there were also some Lego cufflinks, a spanner and another Lego Penis Man involved, but for legal reasons I’m not including those snaps here…

*Liz Fraser accepts no responsibility for anyone stupid enough to find this image offensive or disturbing. For those who do, please go and look at pictures of kittens knitting tea cosies instead. Thank you*


10 thoughts on “Mummy, look what I made…

  1. Erin

    Oh Liz, there you go again, sexualizing the children. Ha.

    Actually this makes me wonder what on earth that little appendage and conveniently located hole are for, if not this…?

    1. lizfraser Post author

      I think the sexualisation of all children in the entire world is actually ALL MY FAULT. I am a terrible, terrible woman!!
      Goes back to Lego Porn…

  2. Anthony

    If they were that useful I suspect they’d be more popular around the house. As it is, I don’t know any man who professes to be able to tow a caravan with his.

    By any chance, was Dad a life model for this particular piece of sculpture?

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Let’s just say that Dad is looking especially pleased with himself tonight. I shan’t break it to him that this is actually modelled on a horse. 😉


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