My German baby is born!!!


OK, calm down. Take a breath. 



Good reader. 

I have NOT had another baby, German or otherwise. I have not had someone else’s baby either, German or otherwise. 

I HAVE, however, had the German edition of my first book published!!! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!


And flowers – LOOK, I GOT FLOWERS!!! 



I am quite excited about this, as you may probably have gathered. 

This is because, not only do I just LURVE getting flowers, but I’ve wanted my books to be printed in Germany for blimmin’ AGES, and it’s taken a lot of work to get this done. 

And a lot of wine. 

And the wearing of Lederhosen. OK, maybe not that bit. They’re itchy, and they make your (now itchy) bum look MAHOOSIVE. 

Germany is a BEAUTIFUL country, I love being there, and I reckon they need a decent book about Motherhood to make it just absolutely perfect. 

And so, my darlings, here is a link to a web page I’ve just created, which, though a bit crap and not very gamorous or funky, gives all my German readers the low-down about this book. 

It looks like this, by the way: GORGEOUS, HUH??? 




And now, the arm-twisting:

If you have any German friends or relatives with children, or who know what children are, or if you bump into a German person at a bus stop, or if you see someone who might possibly have once visited Germany on a school trip, or who looks as if they like good beer….please, please tell them about this new book!!

If you do, I will love you. 

No, really. LOVE YOU. Big, huggy, book-selling LOVE. 

Danke schoen, all ye lovely people. 






7 thoughts on “My German baby is born!!!

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Ooooooh, well now that is VERY good! Wunderbar! *BEAMS* Please tell everyone it’s basically the best book about motherhood ever, it tells it like it is, it’s helped THOUSANDS of women muddle through, and it’s FUNNY! Which we like. A lot. 😉 X

  1. edward04

    i live in Germany too – been here for 20 years, wonder if your book will work culturally-speaking – hope so!

    1. lizfraser Post author

      Hi Edward. I hope so too! There are some reviews that seem to indicate they’ve not really understood the humour/sarcasm at ALL, which is a real shame, but some have certainly ‘got it’ and I think it’s doing quite well 🙂

  2. angelahaasis

    Oh boy, I will have to buy a zillion of these books to hand them to my pregnant friends! I live in germany and my second child was born last sunday, YAY, April 15th, I ordered your books via ebay three years ago, when the first born arrived! You made me laugh and cry at the same time, your books are gorgeous and believe me, there are NO OTHER books like yours in germany to get!!! So the last three years I ordered your books in the internet to give them away and I read all the chapters about “how to handle your toddler when a new baby is in the house” from the Ultimate Family Guide the last two days, believe me, you don’t just make my day, you made my years! Thank you Liz !!! (I think I’ll buy a german book too, to see how they translated it 😀 – The phrase “Yummy Mummy” hasn’t arrived here yet I guess, germans are SO strange sometimes)

  3. angelahaasis

    Dear Liz,
    I live in germany and I ordered all the books I could get written by you three years ago, when my first child was born. Now, sitting here and writing this with a newborn second one behind me (she was born april 15th!) I have to say: THANK YOU!!! You didn’t just made my day, you made my years! It is impossible in germany to get any books like yours – only serious parental books and no books that are so honest and HELPFUL! Maybe I am able to hand out your german translated book now, the last years I only ordered via internet. First I’ll have to see how they translated it. The last days I read all of the “Ultimate Family Guide” chapters again about how to handle your three year old toddler when having a new baby in the house and believe me: you make me laugh and cry the same time, because I always think “Lady, you are not alone any longer, see, she had exactly the same discussions and problems at home and if she could handle it, I’ll do it to!”. So: have to go and tell hubby later that he’ll have to buy that german book tomorrow! 😀 Thank you again!

  4. Lene

    I love your books. I am a german mum living in London and I didnt realize that your book is published in Germany too. of course all the German mummys will love them as much as I do, Mummy’s are the same, wherever they are :-)! Well done!!!


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