Oh, and also….



My alter ego, the smoking, drinking, no-bullshit “Dear Parenting Guru…”has been let loose on the Interwebosphere at last. Oh yes she has.

That’s her, above, in a picture drawn by the AMAZING Jo Fraser (

Dear Parenting Guru posted her first, erm, post, last week and everything went a bit completely and utterly mad in the Inbox department.

Twitter had a minor melt-down.

Facebook trembled.

And here it is!!

All I ask is that you read it, and if you like it even a TINY LITTLE BIT (and also if you hate it), then please please spread the word about this blog.

Spread it everywhere!

Spread it like chlamydia at a teenage disco.

Tweet it. Re-tweet it. Re-re-tweet it. (Then stop. It’s annoying.)

Tell your mum. Tell your friends. Tell your hamster. Tell the person you occasionally have sex with. Tell the bloke in Tescos who fumbles about in his trousers a bit too much (unless he’s the same person, in which case maybe just the one telling is enough.)


There is talk of a newspaper column, and, frankly, if she gets that she will SNOG YOU ALL. With tongues. And maybe a quick grope.

Thank you. You are fucking GOLD DUST. Even those of you who are allergic to dust are like gold dust.

You can also follow her on Twitter: @Parenting_Guru, and on Facebook:

I would LOVE to put some helpful clicky links for you but I’ve no idea how to do it, and I might break the entire Googlenet in one Control-Alt-Fuckup moment.

I love you all.



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