More TV fun…


And they used all of this on just my left cheek. 

And so to ITV again, to start complaining.

Or rather, to discuss whether we Brits complain too much.

Before you all form a neat and orderly queue and apologise to one another for getting in the way, while saying ‘no, no, really, after you!’ and then tell me how much the British do NOT complain about anything, even when they’ve just been given a chicken sandwich when they quite clearly asked for a horse-meat salad, let me inform you that, according to a recent study done by people who care about such things, Britons now make more formal complains that any other nation in Europe.

Mais oui, mon ami, it’s true.
Which possibly deserves a complaint in itself.

Either this means there is more to complain about here than anywhere else, which, having seen the state of French public toilets, I sincerely doubt, or we are learning the art of standing up for our Rights and not getting shat on from a great height by huge corporations who don’t care about our hard-earned dosh.

But….should we complain every time a little something doesn’t go exactly as we’d hoped?
Isn’t there a case for laughing it off, and graciously  accepting that something things just go wrong?

I went on telly to have a debate about it.

And this is how it went.

All complaints to Daybreak please, not me. My customer services team are already snowed under…


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