Plotting and planning…


When hatching a Big Plan one needs to spend a lot of time alone, working out what the Big Plan actually is. This ensures that it is not a Big Disaster.

Many cloaks are swished, and daggers swung about a bit, avoiding the genitals, where possible.

Sometimes rude words are said. Loudly.

But eventually one feels one’s Big Plan is ready, and one needs to SHARE.

To dare to pull back the thick safety curtains of secrecy, and TELL.

In order to get some feedback, and criticism.

And pained looks of dismay.

This week I have finally started sharing details of my Big Project with a very few, very well chosen people.

Writers, mainly. Men and women. All part of what I prefer to call my friends, but business-speak would fetchingly call my ‘Target Market’.

So far the feedback has been whizz bang FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC, which has only served to make me very frightened indeed, as it means I might actually have to do this thing.

And so it was that I had a fantastically buzzy, up-beat business breakfast with the very lovely Ms @dexdiva (also to be found at ) who was, it is fair to say, very enthusiastic about the Big Plan, and had some great ideas and useful suggestions.

The temptation to snog her and carry around town all day shouting ‘THIS WOMAN LOVES MY BOOK AND WEBSITE IDEA!!!’ was narrowly resisted, mainly because it was pissing down with rain.

Much plotting has been done.
Many things are going to happen.

Soon. And cloaks will be removed. Fully.

And my Big Plan will be naked before you, and you will hopefully like it.




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